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Fujian Kailong Medical Hygienic Material  Co.Ltd Located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese, the company has 2000 square meters purification workshop, with professional four-color, six color one meter flexographic press, eight paper and plastic bag making machines, two head bag making machines, two tube bag making machines, other three side sealing and middle seam bag making machines. The company specializes in providing various medical sterile barrier packaging bags, with 100 employees More than one person, able to provide customers with a variety of aseptic packaging solutions.


Specializing in the production of paper-plastic bags, Tyvek/plastic bags, medical tube bags, self-sealing sterilization bags, three-dimensional sterilization bags, various roll bags, middle-sealed breathable bags, head bags, reinforced head bags, medical coated paper, head bags Use multi-layer PE film, high-temperature cooking and tearing CPP film and other packaging solutions. The company has a professional R&D, production and customer solution service team. After passing IS013485, the company adheres to people-oriented, strictly controls the production process, rigorous system implementation, and provides products that let customers rest assured.



Have a clear understanding of the importance of system construction from the top of the company, especially the medical device related companies;

Establish an organizational structure of a complete enterprise quality control system;

To build a complete ISO quality system, our company's quality system documents come from the actual refinement of actual employee operations;

Strict process control, employees must follow and abide by the description of process control in the document;

We believe that rigorous process control can produce qualified products;

Quality control and verification of key operations;

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PAGE COPY RIGHT  Fujian Kailong Medical Hygienic Material Co.Ltd     闽ICP备20011175号-2     POWER:WWW.300.CN

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